How to insert Amulette menstrual cup?


  • Wash your hands and wash Amulette with a mild, un-perfumed soap and warm water.
  • After rinsing the cup thoroughly, place-it in an allocated pan full of water and boil it for 5-7 minutes.

Your Amulette is ready for use.


We advise you to practise inserting and removing your Amulette for the last two days of your period. Give yourself plenty of time, and do not forget to relax!

  • Wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Squeeze and bend your Amulette optional U-shaped or shell form and hold it with your fingers, especially the thumb.

             U form 

             SHELL form

  • Squat down or select another comfortable position. Spread your legs.
  • Gently separate the labia with your free hand and then push the curved edge of the folded Amulette cup horizontally into the vagina.
  • Pull your fingers, and Amulette itself will unfold in the vagina.
  • Make sure the cup is inflated gently with two fingers pinch menstrual cup bottom at or just put one finger in it and a circle around the cup. Amulette cup must embrace the cervix.


Added Amulette gaining ground in the lower part of the vagina and compliance through the vaginal muscle pressure.

  • Every 4-8 hours Amulette menstrual cup must be removed, washed and re-insert into the vagina.
  • There is no risk Amulette can be used overnight, traveling, or when practising physical activity such as swimming, running and so on.

Amulette cup takes vagina lower than tampons.


If you have a gynecological problem or suspect that you have them before using Amulette menstrual cup, we advise you to contact your doctor before use.


How to remove Amullete?

Amulette menstrual cup remove easier when squatting as roosting position shortens the vagina and relax the muscles. However, you can choose the most suitable position to remove menstrual cup (sitting on the toilet, bidet, standing, etc.). Empty your Amulette every 4 to 8 hours, depending on the abundance of bleeding. Full cup menstrual cup will overflow!


  • Wash your hands.
  • Sit or squat down, so it will be easier to remove the cup. Try to relax your muscles.
  • Pinch the base of the cup to release the seal and continue to pull down to remove it. If your fingers do not reach the stem of the cup, then vaginal and abdominal muscles help "push" Amulette cup until the toes reach the rod and gently pull down.
  • When the cup bottoms is almost on the outside, gently rock the cup from side to side while pulling down. Be sure not to pull it out by the tab alone – this will cause the contents to spill and may cause discomfort. Always pull the cup out while pinching the ridged bottom of the cup.
  • After the cup has been removed, empty the contents in the toilet, wash Amulette cup well with warm water and reinsert.


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