Which size do I have to choose?

Amullete menstrual cup size is selected according to the pelvic tone and condition. Pelvic tone and availability may vary depending on your age, the nature and volume of deliveries, as well as from your own physical fitness. Vaginal surgery performed also influences the choice of the cup size.
Amullete menstrual cup is available in two sizes: size S and size M. There is a small difference between the two sizes only 10 ml, but it is important to use the recommended sizing to prevent leakage.



Choose the most suitable Amulette menstrual cup size according to the description given in the table:

Have you given birth? I am younger than 30 years old I am older than 30 years
No S M
Yes, I have given birth naturally M M
Yes, by Caesarean S M

Size M

Vaginal tissues and pelvic condition naturally decreases with age, women older than 30 years are recommended to use the "M" size Amulette cup. For example, M-size Amulette contains 3 times more secretion than regular size pads or tampons and can accommodate as much as a super-sized extra night pads.

Size M is also recommended for women who gave birth naturally, regardless of their age.

Size S

The size of the menstrual cup designed for young girls and women up to 30 years. The size may be suitable for women over 30 years who had vaginal surgery, as well as women who strengthens muscles actively conducting yoga, callanetics, pilates, kegel exercises, dancing or other work-out.

When the days are „mild“, you can use all the "S" size Amulette because the cup does not affect the natural mucous membranes and cause dryness sensation as tampons.


Cups parameters Capacity
to the rim)
Diameter Length Stem length*

Size „S“  

20 ml

40 mm

47 mm  

27 mm

Size „M“

30 ml

45 mm

52 mm

22 mm

*Stem can just be shorten by cutting with scissors or adapting themselves individually. How to do this, refer to section: Unpleasant, uncomfortable sensations / Stem.


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