Care and cleaning

Always keep clean your menstrual cup Amulette! Wash it with mild odorless soap and warm water. It is necessary to rinse very well under running water, because the rest of the soap residue can irritate the vagina.


If you are in a public toilet, we advise you to have a drinking water bottle to rinse the cup: remove menstrual cup, empty the contents in the toilet and rinse thoroughly with potable water and reinsert Amulette.


In this exceptional case, for example traveling, when there is no possibility of properly wash cup, simply use a dry or damp tissue to clean the cup. At the next convenient time, when you're already at home, thoroughly clean your Amulette.


We recommend to clean Amulette ridge with a soft brush. You can turn Amulette inside out to clean if necessary. The tiny holes situated just under the rim of Amulette help to stop the suction effect. You have to be sure that these holes are always clean. If necessary, you can use a needle to clean them.


Over time, Amulette can lose its colours, but this does not affect its efficiency. Discolouration can be removed using a sterilising solution (see next paragraphs).


If you note any tears or any other changes on Amulette, we recommend to replace it into new Amulette menstrual cup.


If you like pedantic cleanliness, select one of the additional Amulette supervisory practices:

  • Boil your Amulette for 5 to 7 minutes in an allocated pan, with sufficient water to cover the whole cup. Do not boil dry!
  • Soak your Amulette into a sterilizing solution(> 5% sodium hypochlorite) respecting manufacturer's guidelines. Do not exceed the sterilization time (usually between 7 to 10 minutes).
  • Use of steam steriliser.

Never use the following products (they may damage your Amulette or cause vaginal irritation):

! Petrol-based substances such as Vaseline
! Essential such as tea trees oil
! Harsh cleaners
! Perfumed soaps
! Dishwashing fluids


Dry your Amulette and store it into the bag provided. Do not store it in a plastic bag or hermetic container!


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