Jūratė Stanaitienė

Jūratė Stanaitienė

Jūratė Stanaitienė in 1978 graduated Kaunas Medical Institute and has gained obstetrician-gynecologist profession. 35 years of work experience includes gynecological diseases, research and treatment, prenatal care, ultrasound, contraceptology and other outstanding women's health care issues.

The highest category doctor Jūratė Stanaitienė worked in Vilnius Maternity Hospital, women's clinics, private gynecological surgeries. Currently, doctor works in Vilnius Antakalnio clinic women's consultation section.

             „Innovation tempt us and sometimes frightening at the same time. I am proud of my patients, whom have courage to accept innovations and I am happy with them for discovering Amulette cup. Finally, our women have the ability to use completely safe, high-quality, reliable and extremely pleasant measure of hygiene during menstruation. “ – Said dr. obstetrician-gynecologist Jūratė Stanaitienė.        




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