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You saved my vacation!;) thanks I‘m very happy! Really comfortable and does not feel anything
Ruta - 2015 06 13

It‘s the best discovery! At first I looked skeptical, but now I can safely say that this is the best measure and I won‘t change it into pads or tampons anymore. And one of the biggest pluses sports or going to the pool. Amulette, thank you for the very fast delivery and quality product!
Deimantė - 2015 05 15

Hello, I‘m using menstrual cup for over two years and I wouldn‘t change it for anything. Indeed, it‘s convenient, does not restrict, no odor. I saved a lot of money by not purchasing packages. Imagine, if monthly consumption of one package costs about 10 Lt, over 2 and a half years it already be 300 Lt. Menstrual cup paid off before the end of the first year. 100% recommend it! By the way, I have a question. Do I still can usethe same menstrual cup, after which time it is advisable to change it?
R.- 2015 01 24


Today I read a comment that maybe there is nothing good. I've been using for more than a year - there's nothing better. Especially if you work out. Try it :)
Lina - 2014 04 01


My greatest discovery of this year! I‘m so happy that these days now are so much easier..The first time I tried while skiing and fully justified - 100% comfort. Thanks Amulette!
Gabriele - 2014 02 05



Amulette taurelė

Package includes:

  • Amulette menstrual cup
  • A special pouch
  • Detailed instructions for use
  • Menstrual cycle calendar


  • Up to 100% PROTECTION against leakage and undesirable odor

  • NATURALLY adapts to the anatomy of a woman

  • NOT VISIBLE externally and seamlessly when insert

  • SAFETY, after all, is made of soft, high-quality, certified medical grade silicone

  • HEALTHY, because does not dry vaginal mucous membranes as tampons, do not sweat, rashes as sanitary pads

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly and welcoming environment. Is an eco-friendly solution facing the increasing consumption of tampons during menstrual periods.

  • ECONOMICAL. One Amulette menstrual cup lasts for years and it is cost-effective. You will no longer need to take care of a variety of hygiene products every month.

  • ANTI-ALLERGENIC. Suitable for sensitive, allergic women made without latex.




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