Medical silicone blends well with human and animal tissues and body liquids. It is called biocompatibility. Silicone products have been shown to be biocompatible (accepted by the human body without adverse reaction.


This material is inert and is widely used in medical devices (implants, bandages, drains, catheters, baby soothers, toothbrush bristles, feeding tubes, seals, condoms, etc.). Medical silicone is used in medicine because it can withstand very high temperature during the sterilization process, is non-toxic and does not participate in chemical reactions. Medical silicone is soft and flexible, making it ideal fit to the human skin and soft tissue.


Amulette is made only from certified medical silicone and latex-free, on a smooth surface does not accumulate NO bacteria, silicon does not absorb any liquids, does not absorb odors. Medical silicone does not change or affect the natural vaginal flora, do not cause allergies.


Medical silicone applied no expiry date, but Amulette manufacturer recommends the use of 20 years from the date of manufacture.


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