Many people are very surprised to hear that perhaps the first menstrual cup was invented in about 1937 by famous American actress Leona Chalmers.

1930 was two most important innovations in menstrual hygiene: it was invented first commercial tampons and menstrual cup. However, for some not fully perfected this measure features the most popular hygiene product became packages. At the time, it was the Kotex brand packages that currently exist anymore.

Before about 75 years ago painted cup drawing by Leona Chalmers patent (US Patent 2,089,113) is very similar to Amulette cup, which has already been made in this century in France. However, the key difference is that Leona Chalmers patented a design of menstrual cup which was made from latex rubber. Nowadays menstrual cup made of medical silicone.



Later, Robert Oreck, who founded the company after the Second World War began to mass-produce menstrual cups, but had to suspend its activities due to a lack of rubber. In fact, women weren‘t very fond of menstrual cups, because produced cup was too heavy, and at the time menstruation, and indeed women’s bodies and sexuality in general, were a taboo subject, so touching your vagina was unthinkable for the majority of “proper” women. In 1936, for the first time, when was sell Tampax tampons also received similar resistance from the public and doctors, because of it‘s medical objections.

Ms. Chalmers and Robert Oreck in 1957 combined their forces continued to sell menstrual cups to improve them, released several tips publications.



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