Uncomfortable feelings

Unpleasant, uncomfortable feelings possible for several reasons:


If it is difficult to remove Amulette cup, first you need to relax. Try to calm down, do not panic. While the cup is in the vagina, it is considered a strong vaginal muscles help.

The upper part of the vagina to the uterus transition is only hair pin head size, so you really don‘t lose your Amulette cups inwardly. The cup is very flexible and soft, so you will not make any internal injuries.

It is necessary to be relaxed to remove your Amulette, so take your time to relax and reread HOW TO USE? / HOW TO REMOVE AMULETTE section if you need. The squatting position makes easy the insertion and the removal of Amulette. If you cannot reach your Amulette, use your vaginal muscles to slide it down. To do so, a sequence of gentle and slow downward pushes is required. Whilst pushing, you can feel that your Amulette is rising again, but after 5 to 8 pushes down, your Amulette is going to start to slide down.


The stem does not have to be outside your vagina.

Most women think that the stem is too long.

The stem has been made to be cut to sit its extremity just inside your vagina. Take the time to find ideal length, as the entrance of your vagina will be irritated if the stem is too long.

Some women need to trim the steam totally. Be careful, and do it only if you feel able to remove your Amulette without any stem.

If you feel any discomfort when sitting or walking, or if you feel that the Amulette is pinching the opening of your vagina, feel free to trim the stem.




Secretion flow may be possible for several reasons:

  • Position: Most of the time, Amulette is not placed enough low into the vagina.
  • Stem: Check that the steam of Amulette is trimmed according to your needs.
  • Suction effect: Check Amulette sticks correctly to your vaginal wall by:
    • Running your finger all around the side of Amulette, checking that is fully open, or
    • Pinching the base of Amulette (not the stream) and rotating it, or
    • Clenching Amulette in your vaginal muscles.
  • Size of Amulette: If you are using Amulette of size ‘S‘ which is constantly moving or leaking, you probably need to try size ‘L‘.
  • Sanitary towels and tampons for example. At night, using other hygiene measures, and the insertion of the self Amulette in the morning, then a slight spotting possible, because during the night the wall covered with vaginal secretions, which naturally has a leak, even inserting the cup.


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