Intelligent woman is not only beautiful and fascinating, she also wisely cares about their health and environment. Amulette cup can become your own amulet and reliable protection. Using Amulette menstrual cup will become even more nature friendly and it is likely helps to save money for new shoes!


Yes, Amulette really can be called environmentally friendly and welcoming environment. Every month, women flush and throw away hundreds of disposable products and their packaging. You can help care for our planet, and your body, by switching to Amulette today.

  • Every woman on the planet consumes an average of 20 tampons or pads each cycle!
  • Every woman in their lifetime consumption of more than 12,000 one-time hygiene measures.
  • Lithuania alone annually consumes over 270 million disposable hygiene measures.

Green your life!

Disposable tampons and pads are anything but “out of sight”. They are visible everywhere – in our bathroom garbage cans, our landfills. In landfills, many of these substances can leach into the environment (groundwater, streams and lakes) causing serious pollution and health concerns.

And one, the same Amulette menstrual cup can be used for up to 20 years. Amulette is a green alternative to conventional feminine hygiene products. A reusable menstrual cup is an environmentally and economically healthy choice.


Yes, Amulette is ECONOMICAL alternative to conventional feminine hygiene products. One Amulette menstrual cup lasts for years and it is cost-effective. You will no longer need to take care of a variety of hygiene products every month.

At first glance it may seem that Amulette is expensive compared to buying a box of tampons or pads. Taking into account the average consumption of disposable hygiene measures, each girl or woman from Lithuania spends 30 € to 45 € annually. Amulette pays for itself in just a few months since it is a reusable product.


As you can see, Amulette menstrual cup is not only reasonable thing, but also a great investment in the comfort of a guaranteed protection, ecology and savings.


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